Emax Crown In Turkey

Emax Crown In Turkey

Emax Crown In Turkey

E-Max Crowns / Full Veneers

emax crown in turkey

E-max Crown  / Full Veneer known as Lithium Silicate, has its own unique properties that make it highly effective in restorative dentistry.

E-max crowns / full veneers are rapidly becoming widespread in the field of cosmetic dentistry, as they have excellent aesthetics and long-term durability.

These crowns / full veneers are generally preferred to be applied to the front teeth. However, the E-max full veneer / crown can also be applied for short bridges in the posterior teeth.

#Emax crown in turkey

The difference between E-max Crowns / Full Veneers and Zirconium Crowns / Full Veneer

Emax Crown In Turkey
Emax Crown In Turkey

E-max crown and zirconium crown are both aesthetic dental treatments.

The biggest difference between E-max and zirconia is light transmittance and strength.

Emax is Lithium Disilicate glass, an all-ceramic system.

It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing option, porcelain can be layered on it, creating incredible translucency and a very realistic looking tooth that matches with other natural teeth.

Zirconia is Zirconium Dioxide, a white, powdered metal oxide. It can also be considered as ceramic.

It is incredibly strong, healthy to your gums, resistant to wear, and difficult to crack.

Zirconium crowns are more durable than E-max crowns.

Emax Crown In Turkey
Emax Crown In Turkey

In cases where there is more than one missing tooth, the use of zirconium bridge is more suitable because E-max bridge cannot be applied due to their fragility.

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How are the Full Veneers / Crowns made?

Full Veneers/Crowns are not directly placed on the teeth.  The teeth are first prepared by shaving them a little from all sides (depending on the condition of the teeth).

Then an impression is taken of the tooth which is sent to the lab for making of the crowns.

Each crown is custom made according to the length of the original tooth.

If more than one tooth requires covering, it may take longer and may even require temporary teeth for a short while.

When the new crows are returned to the clinic, they will be cemented to the teeth.
This whole treatment may take 2-3 visits to your dentist in 1 week

To What of Teeth Can Emax Crowns be Applied?

Emax crowns are frequently applied to the  incisors by dentists for since the absence of metal content and high light permeability provide a natural and aesthetic appearance. It can also be applied to the other teeth which do not exert much force. Other preferred areas of Emax crowns are as follows.
Stained Teeth:  Emax crowns are perfect option for those who have stained teeth caused by acidic and colored drink or nicotine use.

Crooked Teeth: EMax crowns are preferred for arranging and restoring the structure of deformed, disfigured and crooked teeth. Dentists often prefers Emax crowns to fic anterior teeth which are often crooked. Emax crown in turkey
Post Root-Canal: Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment tend to be more fragile and sensitive. Emax crowns are also preferred to strenghten teeth.
Fractured Teeth:  Emax crowns are also used fort he restoration of  fractured teeth due to traumas or accidents.

Advantages of E-max Crown in Turkey

E-Max crowns are preferred very often due to its several advantages to fix damaged, disfigured or stained teeth.
Natural Look: E-max crowns are all-ceramic and do not contain any metal. Thus, they provide a natural and lifelike apperance.
Durability: consists of glass ceramic and thus has excellent resistance to chewing behavior. The possibility of being chipped is much less compared to other type of crowns.
Avoids Tartar Buildup: The slippery surface of the Emax crown prevents the formation of tartar on the teeth and thus prevents the occurrence of gum diseases.

Disadvantages of E-Max Crown

Even though there are many advantages that make E-max crowns preferrable, there are few disadvantages that dentists and patients should be aware of.
•    Natural look and durability of E-Max crown come at a higher price compared to other type of crowns.
•    E-Max crowns may not be suitable for back teeth which are more likely to be used for hard biting.
•    E-Max crowns may not be suitable for darker teeth.
•    E-Max crowns are suitable for small bridges.

How Long Do E-Max Crown in Turkey Last?

E-Max crowns can last much longer than regular crowns with proper oral care and regular dentist visits.

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How are Emax Crown in Turkey Prepared?

After the examination of the teeth, patients and dentist discuss which teeth are suitable for E-max crowns. Once the decision is made, a digital impression of patient’s teeth is made with a intraoral camera to be transmitted to the computer which controls milling. Then, the shade of the crown is matched with the natural teeth. At last, the dentist fits the Emax crown on the tooth and apply final adjustments. Total time spent in this procedure changes from person to person. For more information, please feel free to make an appointment.
#Emax crown in turkey

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